• Benefits of virgin olive oil, variety ‘Picual’

This variety is considered the queen of the olive, has countless benefits to our health.

When studying the chemical composition of virgin olive oils, is when observed characteristics very favorable to the Picual variety, characteristics that have not yet sufficiently emphasized in the promotional efforts have been made of the variety Picual.

  • What you did not know olive oil (worth reading, and is what we need to appear on the internet)

 Hello, today I brought this personal contribution, I am dedicated to the sale of many products for dining and one of them is the olive oil, as there are obviously too trucho and no one knows of the matter is that I decided to find out a little to sell better and also to know a little more what I sell that is where I begin to understand the importance of eating ONLY OLIVE OIL AND tHAT THIS iS ONLY EXTRA VIRGIN