About us

      Vallés Operé is a family business dedicated to manufacturing, packaging and marketing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Keeps alive the tradition and craftsmanship oil five generations throughout the extraction process.

      Ancient olives groves, forget a thousand feet high, often under extreme weather conditions, which make the fruit each year, from 1 December when ripering reaches its peak, extracted the extraordinarily generous juice later provides and excellent extra virgin olive oil.

      Through a process of oil extraction as expensive as traditional, Vallés Operé offers its customers, the new generation led by Andrés Pío Vallés Operé agronomist has developed and adapted to the existing rules the family business, ensuring – as always- the quality that the customer deserves and, of course, respect for the middle environment.

It has at its disposal one of the most healthy and higher quality, made with the most reliable and experienced professionals. And all at highly competitive prices. Enjoy this healthy pleasure every day at his table.